How to get…

For homes in this county The French Inspired Look is really an eclectic combination of interesting old finds that have arrived here after visits to French Fairs and Street Brocantes.  

An example could be the placing of a small upholstered Louis style chair with chipped dove grey paint to the side of an ochre veined marble topped console table, a shabby gilt mirror hangs on the wall over table and an old glazed confit jar is placed off-centre on the table.  Thus completing a French style cameo that could easily have been seen in a 19th century Paris appartment!

We will not now be going back to the grand periods of the Kings in 18th  century France or indeed to the various periods of grandeur in 19th century.  However, what we do have in this country is an innate ability to take these wonderful stylish decorative pieces and place them comfortably with other antiques and contemporary furniture. 

In the coming weeks and months there will be a raft of sources readers will be able to find wonderful things for their homes together with places to go and things to see on visits to France….the summer holiday beckons!!


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